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At Onyx, we strive provide a well curated service list. We encourage you to escape the hustle and bustle of Gastown and come unwind in our pleasant little hang out. Whether it's a quick break from work or just some quality time with your BFF, treat yourself to an experience unlike no other. Why? Because, you deserve it.




Nail Salon in Vancouver

Come experience Gastown in Vancouver's many old, yet trendy neighborhoods. Our studio is located in the historical, Argyll Building, conveniently located close to transit. Street parking is available.


421 Abbott Street

Vancouver, BC  V6B 2L2



MONDAY - FriDAY  |  10 AM - 7 PM

Saturday  |  10 am - 5 pm


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At Onyx, we strive to provide quality services for our guests. Using only the best products, our trained technicians will pamper you and make you feel and look amazing. 

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Vancouver Pedicure and Manicure Services


manicure / pedicure

Natural nail care - keeping it simple and clean.

We offer a range of colours and brands to choose from depending on what your needs are. 

Types of polish we carry in the shop are CND™ Shellac, CND™ Creative Gel Play, CND™ Vinylux, and Akzentz Luxio Gel.

If nail art is your thing, do not forget to book in extra time! Just let our receptionist know when making an appointment. We love being creative!

gel enhancements

Whether you are extending the length or adding a strong base to your natural nail, gel enhancements is a gentler, less intense alternative to acrylics.

If you are planning to extend the length of your nails, this can be done by either sculpting or using a tip as the base for the gel. 

If your natural nail length is long and you are looking for a strong base, the gel will be layered on as is. 

After the gel cures, we will file and shape the nail to make it look like your own.

Lashes / Tinting

Eyes are the window to your soul, so why not make them beautiful?

Our technicians are Yumi Lash Lift and eyelash extension certified. Lash and brow tinting is available too.

Get a natural look with the Yumi Lash Lift. Using keratin as the main ingredient, it gently lifts and conditions your natural lashes. Eyelash tint is included with this service.

With individual lashes, we create a customized look for you. We will do a consultation to determine what length, thickness, and shape will compliment your eyes!

no Double-dip waxing

Self explanatory. We do not double dip in our wax pot (because that would be gross).

We currently offer facial waxing - eyebrows, upper lip, chin... We can get the stubborn hairs on your toes and knuckles too!

We use a honey wax that is gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

Use your nails as an artistic element to bring your style to life.
— jan Arnold, founder of cnd



Onyx Studio will take care of all your manicure needs whether you are looking for a clean, natural look or glamour nail art and gel finishes. Only the most eco-friendly and natural products are used in our Vancouver salon. We offer a range of services from elegant French manicures to bold gel enhancements. Not to mention, our extensive array of nail polish colours and brands will leave you spoilt for choice. To top off your classic Onyx studio manicure for a chip-proof finish, we use Shellac, Akzentz Gel, and CNG Creative Gel, just to name a few.


Looking to refresh your tired looking feet and give your toes a vibrant makeover? Our onyx studio nail technicians will pamper your feet with a luxurious pedicure spa treatment that includes a refreshing foot soak and exfoliating scrub. For a clean, natural look, the nails are cut and filed, hard skin removed but no nail polish is added. Instead, our technicians will use special tools to buff your nails which will add an effortless natural shine. For a more glamorous pedicure, after the cuticle work is done, we finish off with a colourful nail polish of your choice.

Nail Art

Nail art are accessories used to embellish and adorn manicures or pedicures for a statement look. Our nail technicians specialize in creative nail art designs that will guarantee you a lot of attention and compliments.

Gel Nails

In addition to nail art, we also offer gel nail finishes in a wide range of colors. CND Shellac, CND Vinylux are just some of the gel nail polishes we have on offer.  Our hard gel nails can be formed into nail extensions to give a more dramatic effect and are more durable than synthetic acrylics.

Yumi Lash Lift

Do you want a more natural yet effortlessly glamorous alternative to lash extensions? Yumi Lash lifts enhance your own lashes with a lift and tint. The Yumi lash lift is half the maintenance but with twice the durability of lash extensions. Our professional technicians complete this painless process in less than 3 hours and your lashes stay lifted, curled and glamorous for up to 12 weeks. The Yumi Las lifts gets you a darker, fuller, more dramatic look while adding length to your natural lashes. Call Onyx Studio today and book an appointment with one of our expert technicians.