Will CND™ Shellac polish Damage my natural nails?

No! CND™ Shellac Polish will not damage your natural nails. This is a misconception due to salons using the wrong product and improper application. At Onyx, when doing a CND™ Shellac manicure, we use the whole CND™ system from start to finish. This means we can gently soak off the Shellac polish without having to buff first. 

If you do notice a white patch on your natural nail, this is due to dryness. To combat this, get in the habit of applying cuticle oil to your nails. CND™ SolarOil is great to use when you have Shellac on your hands since it helps keep your cuticles moisturized as well as penetrates through CND™ Shellac and CND™ Vinylux polish onto your natural nails.

Why do we do waterless manicures?

A dry manicure is the simple answer to the healthiest nails and the longest lasting polish. Why? When we immerse our nails in water, the nail bed and skin begins to expand. When this happens, it is hard to see the imperfections of the cuticle and skin around it. This makes it very difficult to do proper cuticle work to prepare your nails for the colour. If colour is applied to the nails after expansion, the polish will react while the nail reduces in size (24 hours for it to return to it's normal state) and will begin to chip. 

Why do we believe in such a strict sterilization protocol at Onyx?


what is the difference between CND™ shellac and gel polish?

Cleanliness is our top priority. We want our clients to be comfortable and at ease with every service they receive. We are also our very own clients, meaning we enjoy getting all of our beauty services right here in the salon. With our medical aesthetics background, we pride ourselves in taking thorough steps to keep our studio impeccably clean. We surpassed health Canada's standards by using a medical grade autoclave to sterilize the equipment and use nothing lower than 99% alcohol. Most of our supplies are one-time use and we are continuously cleaning throughout the day and in between clients.


CND™ Shellac is designed to come off with just a soak off (without buffing the nail polish before). Gel polish requires a buff first then will be soaked off. This being said, Shellac removal is complimentary (if it’s from Onyx with a Shellac service) and gel polish removal is considered as a service. For the Shellac services, we use hand tools to do cuticle work. For gel polish, we use Fine Russian Drill Bits that are designed for natural nails.


Will CND™ Shellac polish harm my nails?

No! It’s a huge misconception that Shellac polish will harm your natural nails. This misconception results from salons using improper products and techniques. Shellac should never harm your natural nails. With proper application and removal, your nails should remain in the same condition you started with. Some clients may notice white patches on their nails occasionally; this is due to dryness. To combat this, regularly apply a cuticle oil. We recommend CND™ SolarOil. This is a great practice to maintain healthy flexible nails all year round!