Product Spotlight: EyEnvy Eyelash & Eyebrow Conditioner

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Show your lashes some love!

Our secret to making your drab lashes, fab!

What is EyEnvy? It is a serum that consists of vitamins and peptides. This helps stimulate the natural growth of the hairs on your lashes and brows, while having a conditioning and strengthening effect.We highly recommend this product- it actually works. A handful of the staff tried it, loved it, and now added it to their daily beauty regimen. It is one of our best selling products. EyEnvy (3.5mL) is retailing for $105 CAD (before tax).

If you are wanting to book in for the Yumi Lash Lift and worried your lashes are too short, we recommend prepping a month or two prior to your service. During this time, use the EyEnvy to enhance the length and thickness of your lashes. This product is safe to use with the Yumi Lash Lift and lash extensions since you apply on the lash line, not the hairs.

Growth varies from person to person. With daily use and proper application, you will start seeing results within 1 - 2 months. After 3 months, you will really see a difference. You can continue to condition your lashes after 3 months. Just apply every other day.

Curious? You are more than welcome to give us a call or email to ask questions about the product.


Blog Post By: Wakana Shimamura